outsource hiring.

your workforce is here. part time. full time.

whether you need someone temporarily, seasonal, or full time, we’ve curated Nashville’s workforce talent, and they’re ready to work for you.

post your shifts. post a job.

only pay for what you need to fill a shift, or fill a position. post in advance, post the day of. maximize your human resource efficiency by letting us handle it. just post who you need, when, and where. we take care of the rest.

premium services available.

everything from job placement, job training, and consulting services are available to our clients. this includes a VIP staffing package that guarantees all your shifts will always be filled.


why smpl?

we’re not like other staffing companies. we don’t just hire anyone. we curate our hires to provide you the kind of talent that will sustain or grow your business.

if you don’t like a hire, it’s as SMPL as the push of a button to never see them again. if you like a hire, let us know, and we’ll work with you to get them on your team.

our model exists to maximize our clients human resource output. our HR knowledge, managerial expertise, and long-term staffing experience, plus our data and trends analysis will offer you insight into how you can grow as a company.

outsource to us those positions you no longer want to pay full time for. it’s the future of the job economy and we’re here to help you get there. why pay a salary, benefits, liabilities, and workers comp for a position that doesn’t produce direct income?

contact us for a consultation. we’ll keep it SMPL and get you on your way to putting your energy towards growing your business rather than staffing it.


Get Started



Apply. Let’s see if we can work together. Submit an application and tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll keep it smpl and tell you whether or not we can benefit your business or organization. The process takes less than 3 minutes.



Assessment. If you’re accepted as client, our specialists will contact you to help identify your needs, including an effective strategy for maximization.



Onboarding. Now you’re a client. Time to get you up to speed with our tech and put you on the way to expanding, or fulfilling your staffing needs with our system.



Smpl. That’s it. Time to post your employee needs and let our system do the work of getting you talent. All of this at the click of a button.